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Want to build a more profitable and sustainable business? Join Kate Gremillion, systems strategist and serial entrepreneur, on April 24, 2020. 

During this Startup Mentor Hour get answers to your questions about how to better serve your clients with systems that will scale your business (and save your sanity). As the force behind Working Well with Kate and Mavenly.co, Kate Gremellion knows that there are no “quick fixes” to be more profitable. What works? Strategies and processes to elevate your growth.

Gain Insights About How To:
  • Serve your clients more efficiently, and, as a result, increase and stabilize your sales
  • Implement systems so your business can run without you being tied to your desk
  • Avoid common pitfalls keeping you stuck in your business
  • Lead with confidence, elevate your brand, and boost your referrals and leads
  • Organize and automate your day-to-day operations so you can cut your busy work and live a full, balanced life.
About Your Speaker:

Kate Gremillion is a business systems strategist and the owner of Work Well with Kate, where she gives women tools to streamline their businesses so they can be more profitable and less busy. In 2014 she founded Mavenly + Co. in 2014, an educational platform for women looking to build a business on their own terms. During this time she realized that the key to designing a sustainable, profitable business was well-built systems and Work Well with Kate was born. She has worked with hundreds of women business owners across the country through group workshops, online trainings and private coaching to equip them with the resources and mindset they need to build businesses that work for them rather than the other way around. She’s the host the award-winning weekly Women, Work, and Worth podcast on iTunes, her insight and advice has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Real Simple, and Business Insider.

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