|    |  Supercharge Your Startup Community: Amplify Your Brand, Service, and Reputation
Want to create a strong community for your startup? On May 29, 2020, learn from Aly Merritt about how to engage your customers and team in meaningful ways.

Communities offer unique insights into customer needs, expectations, and desires. They can significantly help you improve your approach to brand building, customer support, and employee engagement. And, more than ever, major brands are building communities to supercharge their service and reputation.

Want to know how to build a strong startup community and culture? Join this Startup Mentor Hour with Alyda Merritt, the Head of Community at SalesLoft, a sales engagement platform that helps businesses convert more leads and scale sales faster.

You Will Learn:
  • What community really is and how to leverage it for your company
  • Why communities are good for customer service
  • How to apply a community mindset to your corporate culture
  • Strategies to engage with startup stakeholders to gain feedback
  • How to use events to build your business
  • Ways to create lasting relationships that transform your business and brand
  • How to be a super connector in your startup community
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