|    |  Transform Your Team: How to Hire for Your Startup

Ready to make the best hires for your business? Learn to manage a positive corporate culture and create effective HR strategies for your startup. Join Startup Sisters USA on May 12, 2020. 


During this interactive business webinar, employment expert, Melissa Davis of Elev8 Hire Solutions, will share her tips and answer your questions about how to build your dream startup team.

Melissa is passionate about giving startup founders tools that they can actually integrate into their hiring strategy. After attending this session, you will walk away will a package that you can immediately implement into your business.

You Will Learn:
  • to deep-dive into the culture of your company and find out what kind of people you really need to join your team
  • tips to advertise for and interview quality candidates
  • how to evaluate talent and qualify them for your company
  • what is needed to create an offer and navigate negotiations if necessary
  • how to align your hiring strategy to your mission and values
  • ways to conduct performance reviews and keep your corporate culture positive and healthy
Your Speaker:

Melissa Davis is the CEO and founder of Elev8 Hire Solutions, Before launching Elev8, Melissa recruited for local premier firms, receiving multiple accolades for her success. Melissa’s approach for Elev8 is that identifying the right fit between candidate and client is more than just matching skills; it’s about identifying a great work culture fit as well as alignment to someone’s personal goals: “You can teach people new skills. That is the belief I built Elev8 on, and that is what our clients love us for.”

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