|    |  Budget Like a Boss: Make More Money with Revenue Goals

Discover how to become savvy and efficient with your finances, understanding how to make more money for your business! After this webinar, you will know learn how much you should be making to crush your growth goals. Why? Because the truth to being a successful business owner is simple: You need to be making money and effectively managing it or else your business will fail.

In this candid webinar with Helen Ngo, CEO and Founder of Made® and Capital Benchmark Partners, we will discuss how to create an effective money management system and budget that is efficient, sustainable, and flexible for your business.

You Will Learn How to:
  • prioritize your money management to meet your long-term and short-term goals

  • learn how to set your revenue goals, honing in on the money making part of “budgeting”

  • anticipate possible pitfalls when it comes to making and managing money for your business

Ready to make money moves? Yes! If you want a more focused intention with your finances, this webinar is perfect for you. You don’t need a fancy degree or strong financial knowledge; all you need is a willingness to invest in yourself and a curiosity to learn how to be a better business leader.

Your Speaker:

Helen Ngo, CFP®, is the CEO and Founder of Made® and Capital Benchmark Partners, LLC. She is also the creator & host of Live and Earn, a podcast highlighting bold women from all financial walks of life. She is fearlessly driven to empower and equip women to make financially mindful decisions.

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